Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easy Run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 37:02
Pace: 9:15 min/mi

Comments: And that was a lot better.

The Tuesday run was not only brutal, it wiped me out for a good 24 hours. It was tough getting up the next day and it wasn't till mid-afternoon that I seemed to finally catch up with the exhaustion. So when I woke up this morning and my legs felt a little tired, I considered adding another rest day to be on the safe side.

At 6 a.m. I changed my mind and headed out. The big reason being I really want to get back into the running routine. Even a shortened run would be important for that.

Starting out, I didn't have a bit of the soreness like Tuesday and by the end of the first lap around the block I felt warmed up and rather good. I still didn't push myself out of caution (thus missing my training run threshold) but the last lap around the block felt as good as any run as I've done this year.

Hour: 6:15 a.m.
Surface: concrete
Weather: light rain
Temperature: 60 degrees
Humidity: 100%
Wind: calm
Location: Lewisville, Texas
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GT 14

Injury update: nada