Friday, August 8, 2014

Conditioning Workout

I wasn't as wiped out this morning as I was yesterday but definitely feeling the workouts from this week. Since fall football practice has started, I've got daily quotes from Coach Saban to keep me going.

The one from yesterday was "People who try to cope with practice or endure practice usually don't make a lot of improvement." Lesson being, at some point I gotta stop slogging through and start pushing my limits a bit more.

Not sure if I succeeded with that today but I sure didn't have anything left at the very end. There was nothing in the tank for the last set of workouts. For the bulk of the workout I really focused on form and getting the full extent of each exercise and not as much on hitting the proscribed number of reps. With a lot of core and upper body that meant getting my ass whipped in half the time. We'll see if there's any improvement from that effort.