Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Easy Run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 37:09
Pace: 9:17 min/mi

Comments: Overslept yesterday and missed the run. Then got shamed by my neighbor going out for her run under the sweltering sun at noon. So I got up early (a bit too early, probably) and out the door for four miles before the morning rains arrived.

As expected, it was hot and humid and uncomfortable. I never really got into a groove at all. But I pushed through the impulse to cut it short and got the full four miles.

Hour: 5 a.m.
Surface: concrete
Weather: cloudy
Temperature: 80 degrees
Humidity: 80 percent
Wind: 10 mph
Location: Lewisville, Texas
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GT 14

Injury update: nada