Thursday, July 10, 2014

Training Run

Distance: 4.0 miles
Time: 36:13
Pace: 9:02

Comments: I started this one out purposefully slow in order to avoid the burnout issue from Tuesday. This strategy worked quite well. I am starting to feel some of the payoff condition-wise and the bulk of the run went very smoothly.

I didn't look at the Garmin on purpose until the final mile when I stepped up the pace a bit. That proved to be about 8:30 so I made an effort to hold it there the whole mile. I got slowed down a bit when I went off the sidewalk to avoid some geese but pushed it the final quarter to finish at 8:20 pace. Not bad.

Hour: 6:15 a.m.
Surface: concrete
Weather: clear
Temperature: 80 degrees
Humidity: 58 percent
Wind: nada
Location: Lewisville, Texas
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GT 14

Injury update: I was pretty concerned that my hip issue from yesterday might carry over to today but it seems that wasn't the case. There was no problem whatsoever on this run thus bolstering my theory that it's the side-to-side motion that aggravated it. Still, I'm going to be wary.