Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fitness Run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 35:05
Pace: 8:46 min/mi

Comments: It's amazing how much even a slight change in temperature will affect performance. While it was just five degrees cooler, my run went much much better. Of course a much needed day off probably helped as well.

This was a solid effort. The first mile was a bit uneven as I warmed up but it smoothed out and went extremely well after that. I was at almost exactly 8:46 pace the middle two miles and ran the last mile a half-minute faster than the first.

I'm hoping I'm finally over the hump and actually running again. I expect tomorrow's effort will be a pretty good barometer of that.

Hour: 6:00 a.m.
Surface: concrete
Weather: clear
Temperature: 78 degrees
Humidity: 71 percent
Wind: 5 mph
Location: Lewisville, Texas
Shoes: Asics Gel-Kayano 21

Injury update: Slight shin pain in my right leg in mile two.